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Shona, Prahran

The first thing I would say is – I wish I had met John years ago! Perhaps my life and my health would be so different after having spent two decades and nearly two housing deposits looking for seemingly mythical answers from various allopathic and complementary health practitioners. But then I met John. And in the space of one consultation John was able to teach me and explain to me exactly what was going on with me. It was a major lightbulb and life-changing moment when I realised for the first time in years that a health professional ACTUALLY understood my health profile and most importantly, had a strategy to offer that could help. Not only did John offer me hope and motivation to keep going, he treated me as an intelligent human being and didn’t patronise me nor assumed I wouldn’t understand. I felt validated and that is hugely important as a patient who tries for a better outcome every day. I finally understand and have answers to my myriad “why?” questions and it is exciting to be working toward a different and brighter future. Who knows what life would have been life if I’d walked through John’s door 20 years ago. Either way, I’m glad I have done so now. Thanks John.


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