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Pyrrole Disorder

Pyrrole Disorder

What is Pyrrole disorder?

Pyrrole disorder is also known as pyroluria, kryptopyroluria or Mauve disorder.  It is a abnormality in haemoglobin synthesis thought to be caused by a genetic disorder or through environmental stress including leaky gut syndrome and the overuse of antibiotics.

People who suffer with pyroluria have a chemical imbalance where the body produces an abnormally large number of pyrroles.  A pyrrole is a byproduct of haemoglobin synthesis and has no known function in the body and are normally excreted in the urine.  Most people have few pyrroles in the urine but when we find an unusually high number it results in a condition known as pyroluria.  The pyrroles bind to pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) and Zinc, causing these two vital vitamins to be excreted in the urine in large amounts.  Any type of stress both emotional or environmental will further accelerate pyroluria and in turn will decrease further Zinc and Vitamin B6.

Effects of pyroluria vary from mild to extremely severe depending on the severity of the imbalance.

Pyroluria is associated with numerous conditions including; ADD/ADHD, depression, alcoholism, schizophrenia, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, tourette’s post natal depression and many others.

What’s so important about Zinc and Vitamin B6?

Deficiencies of Vitamin B6 and Zinc are associated with a vast range of emotional and psychiatric problems. These include: nervousness, extreme irritability, depression, short-term memory disfunction, anxiety and explosive anger episodes.

Both vitamins are essential in the production of neurotransmitters e.g serotonin (happy hormone), melatonin (sleep hormone), GABA (relaxation hormone) and acetyl choline (memory).  They are also involved in steroid hormone production and the conversion of essential fatty oils in the body.

How does Pyrrole disorder relate to autism?

Pyrrole disorder is not a condition specific to autism however more an more children on the spectrum are testing positive to pyrrole disorder.  Pyrrole disorder may contribute to the retention of toxic substances and heavy metals often found in autistic children

How do you diagnose Pyroluria?

It is diagnosed by a simple urine test for kryptopyrroles.  Kryptopyrroles are sensitive to light and temperature and testing conditions so it is vital the test is performed correctly and analysed by a appropriate laboratory who adhere to testing regimes.

Usually at the same time as diagnosis for pyroluria your prescriber will determine if you are an over methylator (histapenia) or under methylator (histadelia) and your nutritional therapy treatment will be combined.

How do you treat Pyroluria?

People respond very well to nutritional treatments which have Zinc and Vitamin B6 as the core of therapy.  Usually benefits are felt with the first week and substantial improvements within the first 6 months. This is a life long nutritional treatment and if therapy is discontinued we see a return of patients symptoms.

Therapy is often tailored to the patients needs an in addition to Vitamin B6, Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (active Vitamin B6) and Zinc can include:

  • Manganese: this nutrient is depleted when high dose zinc is given for pyroluria treatment.
  • Vitamin C: Strong antioxidant helps to heal an exhausted adrenal gland
  • Magnesium: Large amounts of Vitamin B6 given in pyroluria treatment deplete magnesium.
  • Niacinamide: Essential for the prodcution of tryptophan, which maks serotonin (our happy hormone)

People with Pyroluria also have a greater need for arachidonic acid found in evening primrose oil.

Our pharmacy has a dedicated nutritional laboratory dedicated to only vitamin therapies ensuring no cross contamination.  We make a range of standard formulations for pyroluria treatment including capsules and transdermal creams.  We also tailor make preparations based on prescriber request, simply contact us to order.

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