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What is Autism?

Autism or autism spectrum disorder is the name given to a host of major developmental disorders. Affected people have severe problems with communication, social relationships, brain function, intestinal dysfunction or food allergies and behaviour.  It is usually diagnosed by the age of three as primary caregivers begin to notice abnormalities in their child’s development and behaviour.

There does not appear to be one single, definitive cause of autism.  There is evidence to support a genetic component, a viral component, gut health component, environmental contamination from heavy metals and nutritional imbalances.

Detoxification and autism

Children on the spectrum often do not detoxify well and have trouble removing heavy metals and toxins from their bodies. These substances then build up and can cause adverse effects.  This is why integrative practitioners test the detoxification pathways of these children to determine their ability to detoxify.  There are two main ways we detoxify; methylation and sulfation.  Often children on the spectrum will need added supplements to help them carry out this normal bodily function.

Diet and autism

Research has shown children on the spectrum can have difficulty digesting gluten and casein. Casein, or milk protein, appears to be broken down in the intestines of autistic children and form toxic peptides that imitate the effects of opiates and hallucinogenic drugs. Gluten, the protein in wheat, has a similar effect.

Often when wheat and milk are eliminated from their diets we can see an improvement in symptoms.

Gut and autism

There is new evidence suggesting children should have their stools analysed.  Three major things have been noted;

  • Children on the spectrum have low levels of E.coli and may need supplementation with this bacteria
  • Children on the spectrum have 29% Strep. in their stools compared to 7% and require treatment with an appropriate antibiotic
  • Children on the spectrum show high levels of the yeast Candida in their intestines

Correction of gut imbalances may help in improving symptoms and behaviours.

Nutritional treatments for autism spectrum disorders

Primers are the foundation of autism spectrum disorder treatment developed by the Pfeiffer protocol. There are numerous standard formulations which are then tweaked depending on results to other tests like pyroluria, zinc:copper ratios and detoxification status.

There is also an increase in deficiencies or imbalances in autistic children as they often have food aversions or insistence on only eating one particular food.

Many families have found improvements in their childrens’ behaviour and communication when nutritional therapies have begun

How does Pyrrole disorder relate to autism?

Pyrrole disorder is not a condition specific to autism however more an more children on the spectrum are testing positive to pyrrole disorder.  Pyrrole disorder may contribute to the retention of toxic substances and heavy metals often found in autistic children

How do you treat Autism?

There are numerous ways to treat autism. As we look for alternatives we will be discussing the treatment of autism with biochemical therapies from the Pfeiffer Protocol.  This method checks for imbalances in nutrition states, detoxification states (undermethylation and overmethylation), pyroluria and zinc/copper ratios.  It then corrects these imbalances using vitamin therapies.

There are some standard treatments available beginning with Primer Capsules or Transdermal creams.  These are designed as a general supplement to help balance the zinc to copper ratio in the body and to aid the the promotion of metallothionein proteins. Promotion of these proteins may benefit patient by:

  • improving behaviour and immune function
  • supporting the gut
  • removing toxic heavy metals including copper
  • protect against future exposure to toxic metals

Transdermal glutathione cream is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin. Glutathione protects the body from toxic metals and other neurotoxins.  It is best to be transdermal as oral glutathione is poorly absorbed

Our pharmacy has a dedicated nutritional laboratory dedicated to only vitamin therapies ensuring no cross contamination.  We make a range of standard primer formulations for  autism spectrum disorder treatment including capsules and transdermal creams.  We also tailor make preparations based on prescriber request, simply contact us to order.

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