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My son has made a miraculous recovery from his 4.5 week illness. After seeing John, he started the prescribed naturopathic medications, within 36 hours he was a new boy. His fatigue almost vanished overnight and his energy levels were restored. He does have trouble taking the lactobacillus sachets and can only handle 2 sachets once a day but the rest is fine. My son is back to an energetic, talkative and annoying boy… He is looking forward to coming to see John for review. Thanks


I sincerely wish I had met Mr. John Catsicas many years ago.  In the short space of time in which we have known each other, he has helped me and my son immeasurably. John is a mixture of good old fashioned common sense and a vast knowledge of health issues. I have suffered from digestive problems since my childhood, and have been diagnosed as having an irritable bowel.  I am sure that as a result of this issue, I have, like my mother, developed quite debilitating arthritis.  I called on John after being prescribed with Celebrex to help with the arthritic pain and Nexium to deal with the resulting heartburn.  John's sage comment to me, when asked his opinion, was that I was effectively "mopping the floor whilst the tap keeps running".  It was exactly the situation, and for a chemist, whose livelihood depends on selling drugs, it certainly gave me utmost faith in him.  My faith in him was well placed as the remedy has proved.  I now no longer take either of the medications. My son who suffers from Barrett’s oesophagus is only 25, and had a future of strong drugs in front of him. Again I asked for help from John.  In my son’s case he again has offered sensible advice which looks like it will prove successful in dealing with this potentially dangerous disease, without heading straight for the surgeon and a lifetime of drugs to alleviate the symptoms. John has recommended a weight loss programme which also is proving successful, and as any middle aged woman would know, that is really quite a break through! I look forward to a long professional association with John, as does my family.

Rosemary, Armadale

John, when I came in seeking strong painkillers and you suggested a consultation; little did I know how life changing it would be. I've gone from laying on the bed to put my socks on to walking upright again, pain free. My wife would complain that I had no energy after work and now we are back walking in the evenings. The transformation from that first day is nothing short of miraculous and I haven't hit the three month mark yet. I thought pain and discomfort was what I had to put up with but it isn't, there is another way, thanks John.

T. Grunbaum, Elsternwick

We have 2 children under 5 and the change in their general well-being and ability to fight winter ills has been much improved since we put them on the Orrong Pharmacy naturopathic tonic that John recommended.  The positive difference in their health has been commented on by both family and friends and I feel the children are more robust.

S Hunter, Armadale

Yum, yum! Thank you for making my capsules tasty, Louie

Louie the dog

I wanted to right a review about Orrong Pharmacy to let people know in the area what a great Pharmacy they are. I originally came across John and his staff several years ago whilst living around the corner. I have since moved further down the road and pass several chemists to come back here to get advise on things. John and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. As well they are a compound pharmacy which is a huge bonus they also have great gifts for people so no need to race around. I recently bought a french jigsaw for a birthday present (under 20 dollars : ) I don't think I can rave enough about Orrong Pharmacy and the staff that work there. They are always happy and helpful and really go out of there way to help you.

Sarah Dall

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Deb and Stephanie for making my medication processing and delivery so seamless and to Sijka for sending me a note to advise that the pump packs are 1ml this time, not 1/2ml … You guys make my life just that much easier and it’s an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Also, FYI, TOLL couriers have been great. Their drivers are very courteous and always deliver direct to our door (not always the case here in Thompson Beach). I have emailed them to say thank you. Have a lovely day.


Got served by a wonderful young lady pharmacist the other day - she is a brunette - wish I could remember her name! She was super helpful and went out of her way to inform me on other ways I can treat my condition. Everyone that serves me in there is very lovely and helpful.

Madlenka Dyerama

What a lovely experience and how nice it is it in our Big City to receive some lovely Old Fashion Service. It is so refreshing to see Pharmacists going out of their way trying to help me and explain the Medications. I will definitley make this my local. Keep up the good work! xx

Allison McKellar

I adore the team down at Orrong Compounding Pharmacy. I had to go in and see them regarding weight loss and was rather embarrassed. There was no judgement and they gave me the encouragement i needed to get the job done. I really recommend going in and seeing John, Stephanie and the team for all your health concerns.

Amanda Martin

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